This section contains the list of chemicals and equipment for a polymeric embalming laboratory. By means of this equipment using the polymeric embalming method one can manufacture up to 30 kg of anatomic specimens a months. The cost of such a lab consists of equipment assembling and a training workshop on embalming. A small laboratory can be accommodated in an electrified room of 10 sq. m. minimum with combined extract and input ventilation.

    This page includes:

  • Embalment solutions
  • Polymers and solutions for plastination
  • Equipment for small plastination lab

Embalment solutions

Code Item description Unit
  Р-1 Embalming solution, concentrated (1:2) l
  Р-2 Solution to restore color and turgor of processed tissues, concentrated (1:2) l
  Р-3 Preserving solution for anatomical specimens, concentrated (1:3) l
  Р-4 Thrombolytic solution, concentrated (1:10) l
  Р-5 Bleaching solution, concentrated (1:10) l
  SI-R Injectable silocsane (vessels) composition, red, set kg
  SI-B Injectable silocsane composition (vessels), blue, set kg
  SC-R Silocsane composition hollow organs molding, red, set kg
  SC-B Silocsane composition hollow organs molding, blue, set kg
  SC-W Silocsane composition hollow organs molding, white, set kg
  SRg X-ray Emulsion to contrast vessels and hollow organs, set kg
  RC Injectable resin to contrast vessels and to prepare corrosion specimens (red - R, blue - B, yellow - Y, green - G, white - W) set kg
  G Желатин для инъекции сосудов, бесцветный kg
  G-R Injectable gelatine (vessels), colorless kg

Polimers and solutions of plastination

Code Item description Unit
  D-1 Solution to dehydrate specimens l
  D-2 Degreasing solution l
  D-3 Tissue dye, concentrated (1:100) l
  Si-1 Silicone for impregnation kg
  K-1 Silicone harder kg
  K-2 Polymerizing agent kg
  K-6 Silicone harder adhesive kg
  CL Vulcanizer kg
  CGL Silicone glue kg
  R-1 Epoxy resin for Plastination kg
  H-1 Harder for epoxy resin kg
  SP-R Dye for plastinated tissue, set kg


 Eqiupment for small plastination lab

Code Item description Quantity
  E-1 Low temperature chamber, 400L, with temperature regulator and vacuum line, set 1
  E-2 Stainless steel vacuum chamber, 40L, with clear cover and silicon gasket, set 1
  E-3 Vacuum pump with vacuum line, equipped with oil and gas traps, set 1
  E-4 Control equipment for vacuum pump and freezer, set 1
  E-5 Ventilator plant with switch and air lines, set 1
  E-6 Vacuum hose, meters 10
  E-7 Plastic container with cover, 20L 5
  E-8 Thermometer 2
  E-9 Areometer 1
  E-10 Vacuum gauge 1
  E-11 Two-step pressure regulator 1